MindFreedom Ireland 2007 Annual Report

Founded in 2004, MindFreedom Ireland is an affiliate of MindFreedom International and with them, campaigns for a non-violent revolution in the mental health system. PUBLICATIONS. The year commenced with the launch of two books. The first ‘Knowledge in Mental Health; Reclaiming the Social’ was edited by MF Ireland member and University College Cork lecturer Lydia […]

MindFreedom Ireland 2010 Annual Report

Now in its 8th year of operation, MindFreedom Ireland (MFI) continued its work on many levels during 2010. From its Cork base of dedicated members and drawing support from friends both nationally and abroad, MFI can look back on another year of substantial achievement. SUPPORT GROUP. At the core of MFI is the Wednesday support […]

MindFreedom Ireland 2011 Annual Report

Google MindFreedom Ireland (MFIrl) and quite an amount of information appears reflecting the totally voluntary effort and work which our members have put into our collective group over the years since our foundation in 2003.From our base in Cork, Ireland we are glad to be able to report a continuation of that work in 2011. […]