MindFreedom Ireland 2008 Annual Report

MINDFREEDOM IRELAND ANNUAL REPORT 2008. INTRODUCTION. Now in its fifth year of existence, MFIrl continued its work as a vibrant, democratic organisation independent of government or pharmaceutical industry funding, striving towards its goal of a non-violent revolution in the ‘mental health’ system and the protection of the human rights of people caught up in that […]

MindFreedom Ireland 2009 Annual Report

MINDFREEDOM IRELAND 2009 ANNUAL REPORT. As 2009 draws to a close, MFIrl can look back on its performance during the year and report significant progress on a number of fronts. LOBBYING. MfIrl maintained its established links with Amnesty Ireland and supported its ongoing campaign against humann rights abuses. MFIrl also lent its support to the […]