Voices of Truth and Resistance Continue to Grow

“I can feel change happening in my bones, my gut, my heart… As our voices of truth and resistance grow louder and stronger, the foundations of the Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex are slowly starting to atrophy, bit by bit. There are generations of work ahead of us, but I know in the core of my being […]

Today’s Newstalk radio interview with Mary Maddock

Recently, it has been revealed that the use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), seclusion and physical restraint in the treatment of psychiatric patients have all increased for the first time in years, according to the Mental Health Commission. ECT is a treatment formally known as electroshock therapy which involves the administration of small currents to the […]


Our voices they have meaning You don’t understand Composed by Mary Maddock

Change Continues to Come about in Cork

I am doing a workshop again this year in UCC titled ’Critical Perspectives on and Beyond the Therapy Industry’ thanks to critical thinking lecturers in the university. My workshop is titled’ Beyond Psychiatry – Beyond Experts – Beyond Therapy – Back to Ourselves’ It is not easy to have views outside the box in any […]