Now you can watch our informative evening with Dr Terry Lynch here:

Most of all last night was an example of how a small group of committed people could encourage the busy Cork public to take time out to discover the truth about the myth of the chemical brain imbalance.

Patrice Campion came all the way from the north of Ireland and helped all of us to be relaxed while she asked Terry very important questions about his new book. Then as the night went on the audience spontaneously continued to take part in an open dialogue with Terry.
Regular people from ‘Stand By Me’ had a surprise birthday celebration cake for a ‘mature’ MindFreedom Ireland member in appreciation of his loyal support followed by a communal, resounding rendering of ‘ Sing it from the Mountains’ lead by Susan Mendez.…/sing-it-from-the-mountains
At the end of a most informative night, Colette Ni Dhuinneacha, Mary Maddock and John Sawkins lead a lively ‘Survivor Speak Out’ to which many others also contributed. John came all the way from Edinburgh!
Over a hundred people were present and a special thanks to Jerry O’Mullane who filmed the event which will soon be available on
When the event was over some people continued to enjoy the night with Terry and Marianne who hopes to write her own book. We look forward to it! You can hear Terry again on the George Hook Newstalk radio show this afternoon.
A big thank you to everyone who helped to make this important night possible!