Electroshock protests over the years

Stop Shocking Our Mothers And Grandmothershttps://photos.app.goo.gl/it5sUUFb8XjTHRio8 Thanks to all the people who supported us over the years.

MindFreedom Ireland Press Release

MINDFREEDOM IRELAND PRESS RELEASE. May 3rd, 2022. Having had to cancel our annual public protest against the practice of electroshock for the past two years, we are glad to announce its resumption next Saturday at The Peace Park, Grand Parade, Cork starting at 2 pm. Electroshock involves passing an electric current through the brain sufficient […]

Akathisia – Adverse Effects of Medication

Dr Ed White bravely and tirelessly campaigned to find out the truth about prescription drugs especially SSRIs. May he rest in peace and may more doctors be inspired by his dedication to the truth about psychotropic drugs. While ‘antidepressants’ may seem to work for some, most people like Ed have found withdrawal extremely difficult. They […]