Electroshock Protest May 11th, Grand Parade, Cork 2 pm.

Many thanks to all who have supported us in the past.
Hopefully, you will continue to do so again so those who want help will find real, compassionate, understanding support.
Let our local communities be places where we cherish and encourage each other!
Let us be the change that each one of us would like to experience in our world!

“No one should be deprived of liberty unless he is found guilty of a criminal offense. Depriving a person of liberty for what is said to be his own good is immoral.” Thomas Szasz MD

It is still possible to be in danger of having electroshock in Ireland because involuntary incarceration is legal.

People can be forced to receive it even if they are elderly and physically unwell on the word of just 2 psychiatrists. Elderly women are most in danger of receiving electroshock and children can receive it also.

Even if the family or persons who know the person in danger well are on the side of the person about to receive electroshock their compassionate voices can be overruled.

People perceived to be ‘unable’ by psychiatrists, who have no scientific, objective evidence to prove that people are ‘unable’ or that they are ‘mentally ill’ in the first place, can and are administering electroshock in Ireland.

Should a person make an advanced directive requiring that they don’t wish to receive electroshock in any circumstances this is not a legally binding document.