MindFreedom Ireland held their annual electroshock protest on the The Grand Parade, Cork on Saturday, May 25th, 2024.  Since 2007, the event has been held almost every year.

Saturday’s protest was held in pouring rain but it didn’t dampen the spirits of those who attended.  These included a mother and daughter who had travelled all the way from the west of Ireland and whose presence was greatly appreciated.

Also present were Dr Karen McCarthy who addressed the event along with 10 of her Occupational Therapy students from the Dominican University of California who were on their annual Irish tour of psychiatric services.

One of the founders of MindFreedom Ireland, Mary Maddock, who had been subjected to electroshock following the birth of her daughter in the 1970s, called for the abolition of the controversial procedure and highlighted the memory loss and cognitive impairment it caused.

MindFreedom Ireland is a Cork-based psychiatric survivor group which, in addition to being opposed to electroshock, is also opposed to forced drugging and campaigns for the full implementation of human rights for all those caught up in the psychiatric system.

Jim Maddock

Stop Shocking Our Mothers And Grandmothers