The MindFreedom Ireland Dublin protest is on Saturday, May 18th, at noon outside the GPO.

Last year a similar protest was held for the first time in Dublin.

MindFreedom Ireland has protested almost every year since 2007.

We continue to protest because electroshock can cause cellular brain damage and dysfunction.

It is assault and battery and should not be used especially by doctors/psychiatrists/’nurses on any human being.

It is in Dublin, mostly in St Patrick’s private hospital that electroshock takes place.

Elderly women are frequently at risk.

Mary Maddock received modified electroshock in St Pats in the 80s without informed consent.

She was led to believe that the memory loss was only temporary. It was perceived to be effective however, the next year she was back again in the system. She got steadily worse as she was continually drugged from the early 80s until the turn of the millennium. It was in 2000 without any support from medics that she became drug-free. It was then that she was able to repair some of the iatrogenic harm she received.

Many people are still not aware that electroshock and psychotropic drugs can do so much damage.

Most people believe that electroshock like lobotomy is no longer a practice in Ireland.

Many people all over Ireland have supported us. We thank them and hope more people will speak out while people labelled and oppressed by psychiatry continue to be harmed.

Stop Shocking Our Mothers And Grandmothers