It is because psychiatry is a belief system with the power to force people who do not want to practice its form of religion that many of its victims are left to sink or swim.

The survivor movement is learning to swim against the tide but the power of this oppressive belief system continues to gather momentum even as it claims to be scientific but having no factual basis. It is a house of cards which still stands as corrupt and deceptive as ever for centuries.

The role psychiatry has been given by society is to convert human behaviour into ‘mental illnesses’ with the magic wand of lies and then force the people who do not want its help to receive it. It does this very successfully with the aid of its bible the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) which now covers most negative human behaviour. Another major weapon in its armoury is its so called ’mental health’ law/laws. It is these oppressive man made laws which give judges the power to sentence innocent people, who never committed any crime, to psychiatric incarceration, forced drugging and electroshock. Today, the words written by C.S. Lewis when applied to the role played out by institutional psychiatry are so sadly true.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”

It is said that people believe lies more readily than facts and when it come to psychiatry this is clearly very true. It is because the public has given psychiatry the role it plays so well in society that it remains firm, lucrative and strong. Qui bono? ( Who benefits?) It has to be all those who take part in this Big Lie.

Imagine people who claim to practice medicine continue to diagnose people with no biological test for pseudo diseases and disorders, while being paid enormous salaries and then get away with it! Imagine the people they feign to help are more often than not further disabled by their intervention than they were when they encountered these pseudo doctors in the first place. Imagine that the family and friends of their victims are in more danger of disconnection and discrimination because of the myth of so called ‘mental illness’ which is psychiatry’s sacred grail!

Of course pseudo psychiatry’s biggest , richest and most deceptive ally is the pharmaceutical industry. Without this it would be much easier and possible to swim against the tide. Almost all psychiatric drugs concocted by Big Pharma are very addictive and long-term, cause more harm than good. (Goetsche) Most people who encounter psychiatry do not have the information to make an informed decision. When you consider that most psychiatric drugs prescribed today are the result of false drug trials, that there are so many different ways legally acceptable to distort and manipulate these trails, that many of the FDA members, so called watch dogs, are often paid millions of dollars by Big Pharma , that even medical journals are not reliable and that KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) such as Joseph Biederman, who is responsible for labelling children with the pseudo ‘Bi-Polar’ tag have benefited so handsomely, then it would be very difficult to find anyone who would consent with full knowledge to agree to consume any psychiatric drug.

All drugs are poisons. Of course poison should be taken with great care. It should be avoided if at all possible. It always damages. It is common sense if it is taken in large doses or with many other poisons or even in smaller doses long term, it can kill!

The psychiatric drugs most commonly consumed today are the most profitable SSRI antidepressants and atypical neuroleptics. It is common to be on both these type of drugs at the same time. It is common to be on many of these drugs at the same time. The sky is the limit for some. Many die early because of this kind of prescribing and many others continue to endure what we as survivors describe as a living death!

SSRIs are mostly thought to be taken by choice but when you consider the matter of true information then it is a very different story! Neuroleptics on the other hand are clearly often force treated on unwilling clients. In some countries like the UK, it is legal to coercfully treat people in the community with drugs. The first neuroleptic called chlorpromazine was discovered by French researches in the early 1950’s. They observed that the drug caused indifference and apathy. The word neuroleptic actually comes from the Greek word leptos which means small or fine. ‘Neuroleptics’ then describes this class of drugs very accurately meaning reduced nervous or mental energy. Imagine then that these drugs are used to dampen the most evolutionary and progressive organ nature has ever produced! Imagine also that it is becoming more common to use them on little children and elderly people! They are capable of causing a chemical lobotomy which deny those who are unfortunate enough to receive them, in any form, their very humanity. They damage especially our frontal lobes and thus stop the psychic flow of energy which is essential to be able to be and act as a human being. Only human beings can grow in freedom, love, insight, creativity and understanding.

” The highest function of the human brain, the self-reflective function centered in the prefrontal brain—-which gives us an inner world, an inner light, and power over ourselves—–is activated in the interaction with another human being. So love and hope must have a central place in a human brain science.” (Deprived of Our Humanity – The Case against Neuroleptic Drugs. Lars Martensson, M.D.)

Those who receive these drugs as they are prescribed today by most ‘doctors’ are not only deprived of their right to be human, the people who prescribe them like smarties also deprive themselves of their own humanity! Dr Martensson himself wrote an excellent paper entitled ‘Should Neuroleptic Drugs Be Banned?’ in 1985.
I was put on my first of many neuroleptics in 1976 and from 1983 to 1999 I was on the neuroleptic chlorpomazine more commonly referred to as Largactil. I know from personal experience that these drugs cause a chemical lobotomy. I know they deprived me of my right to be human while causing me terrible physical, spiritual, emotional and unnecessary mental suffering.

Mary Maddock