Since Jim Gottstein and I were both members of MindFreedom International and I had also joined Psychrights, I knew him even before I was delighted to meet him in person at an INTAR conference in Killarney, Ireland. I felt so much in common with him especially in the area of misinformation about psychotropic drugs and electroshock which can still be legally forced on unwilling victims. Even then I was aware of how courageous he was to stand up to a powerful, corrupt corporation like Eli Lilly. When I heard that he had written his book ‘THE ZYPREXA PAPERS’ I couldn’t wait to purchase a copy. All the survivors and other people who were involved with him in this case I know very well. I am very proud of the way they all worked together with integrity and courage.
I think this book stands out for many reasons. It is written by a very sincere, brave man who is both a survivor of psychiatric oppression and a lawyer. He works with an open heart and a very clever mind. He fought Bill Bigley’s case as his lawyer and friend. It was because of Bill that he got access to the Zyprexa papers in the first place. He respected Bill so much that he dedicated his book to him. Zyprexa is an atypical neuroleptic. Eli Lilly also produced the blockbuster SSRI antidepressant Prozac which has serious adverse effects including death and suicide while withdrawal from it can be a nightmare for many. Thankfully, the antidepressants have got some criticism globally but up to now neuroleptics, which are even more toxic, are mostly ignored. They are considered necessary for people labelled with ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘bipolar’ even though they can cause a lobotomy. They deprive people of the most precious gift all of us humans were freely given, namely our humanity. Since now they can be prescribed off label, many young children and the elderly find themselves in the neuroleptic trap. I believe that Jim Gottstein’s book will help to open a Pandora’s box and hopefully, many people will find out the truth about these and other prescription drugs so they can make informed choices. It will also make it more difficult for ‘medics’ to violently force these drugs on innocent victims and eventually bring about the day when coercive psychiatry is no more. Thank you, Jim, for writing this very important book!