Dr Ed White bravely and tirelessly campaigned to find out the truth about prescription drugs especially SSRIs. May he rest in peace and may more doctors be inspired by his dedication to the truth about psychotropic drugs.

While ‘antidepressants’ may seem to work for some, most people like Ed have found withdrawal extremely difficult. They can make life a living hell! Their adverse effects are horrific. These drugs can cause Akathisia both on and off them.


I had many adverse effects from psychotropic drugs but Akathisia is one of the most torturous effects many psychotropic drugs can cause. I can remember the inner turmoil I experienced decades later. More than two decades ago I and many other people knew that SSRI ‘antidepressants’ could cause Akathisia, yet the media promoted them as if they were miracle drugs and doctors prescribed them to any person they perceived to be ‘depressed’ even little children didn’t escape. Today there is some awareness because of people like Ed White MD but sadly this was quoted in the Guardian newspaper this year: “Calls to mental health helplines and prescriptions for antidepressants have reached an all-time high, while access to potentially life-saving talking therapies has plunged during the coronavirus pandemic, a Guardian investigation has found. “

When we campaign passionately and find that the establishment has no interest in the truth about prescription drugs it can be very disheartening. However, Ed did everything he could and those of us who are still standing will speak out louder than ever in his memory!

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power then we will have peace.” Jimi Hendrix

Rest in Peace Ed!

Mary Maddock, MindFreedom Ireland