Terry Lynch The Doctor Who Stands For Truth

In a Sunday newspaper in 2001, Mary read an article entitled ‘The Doctor, who won’t do Drugs.’ It was written to mark the publication of a new book ‘Beyond Prozac’ by Limerick-based Dr. Terry Lynch. In our co-authored book, ‘Soul Survivor – A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry’, Mary describes her first meeting with Terry. “I […]

A night to treasure and remember with Dr Terry Lynch

Now you can watch our informative evening with Dr Terry Lynch here: Most of all last night was an example of how a small group of committed people could encourage the busy Cork public to take time out to discover the truth about the myth of the chemical brain imbalance. Patrice Campion came all the […]


DOCTOR CHALLENGES PSYCHIATRIC ORTHODOXY (Widely accepted beliefs about depression, chemical imbalances, the medical profession and the brain) Limerick physician, psychotherapist, author and mental health activist Dr. Terry Lynch will address an audience in Cork on Tuesday September 8th to mark the publication of his new book ‘Depression Delusion – The Myth of The Brain Chemical […]