More Harm Than Good

More Harm Than Good I was baptised and brought up in the Catholic faith. I joined the Ursuline order of nuns when I finished secondary school as I naively thought that I would become a better person and also help others. At that time, the church was self critical and seemed to want to renew […]

Stand By Me

( a poem by one of our loyal regulars) Anne O Dwyer Your spoken suggestions about what went wrongThings I darn’t say nowadays – let them offListening to me, listen to youin a gentle incision of angerYou become angry with one anotheroften enough for me to pick up its alrightWhen nowadays something goes right,a celebration- […]

Sink Or Swim

It is because psychiatry is a belief system with the power to force people who do not want to practice its form of religion that many of its victims are left to sink or swim. The survivor movement is learning to swim against the tide but the power of this oppressive belief system continues to […]