Breggin states psychiatric drugs, “… are all, every class of them, highly dangerous”. He asserts: “If neuroleptics were used to treat anyone other than mental patients, they would have been banned a long time ago.

It is often because so many people who are labelled ‘mental patients’ receive so many neuroleptics that they become so brain/bodily damaged and I was one of them.

It can happen so easily because allopathic medicine and psychiatry are so closely linked together.  It is because so many people go to their allopathic doctor for some reason that they can very shortly afterwards receive a neuroleptic.

Like many other people, I went to the hospital to have my first child.  Then, I received Sparine, a neuroleptic commonly given to young mothers. Even though on my medical records it was clearly written that I was allergic to it no doctor was concerned.  That was in January 1976.  Even though I received electroshock days after the birth I also received many neuroleptics and other psychiatric drugs for months later.  I continued to receive them for most of the time between 1976 and the year 2000.

Now with hindsight and freedom from neuroleptics/other psychotropic drugs, I know the terrible dehumanizing damage they can cause. 

One of the most precious things about being human is being able to BE HUMAN.

Our minds are so amazing.  The mind goes beyond the body.  Our bodies are not our minds. Doctors prescribe so many neuroleptics and other psychotropic drugs that affect our creative minds. We can share, play and create music because we have minds, we have musical minds.  To play and create music we need an instrument but the instrument is not the music just as our brains/bodies are not our minds.

Allopathic medicine/psychiatry made it extremely difficult for me to use my creative mind.  In turn, my body was almost destroyed before I was 50.  I am very fortunate, I got a chance to rediscover myself.  I got a chance to use and appreciate my wonderful mind again.

Sadly many of my friends both in Ireland and globally are not so fortunate.  The suffering they are told they have to experience is heartbreaking.   It can never be a good idea to lose our minds because synthetic drugs are prescribed by allopathic doctors (psychiatrists are also allopathic doctors)!  It is a terrible crime to violently force anyone to receive neuroleptics, especially children and the elderly.  When people are given toxic substances without informed consent, synthetic drugs can be an invisible form of force.

Every medical doctor should know the dangers of prescription drugs.  When they don’t, contrary to what we are always told, it can be very dangerous to visit your doctor!!

Mary Maddock

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