“That’s not to say that we don’t need a focus on youth mental health. As this week’s shocking – though not surprising, Mental Health Commission report into CAMHS has shown, reform in how we treat young people in crisis is urgently required.  It’s the type of focus and supports that we must be vigilant about.”

Liam Mac Gabhann, Mad in Ireland

If we do not highlight the increase in the drugging of children for the last 20 years then children will be blamed rather than understood.  For instance, it is normal for children to have much better imaginations than adults.  Then they might be misunderstood as hearing voices and having hallucinations in our so-called rational world. 

When our educational system is hell-bent on attaining high points instead of being creative and understanding our children will be easily labelled with fictitious labels such as ‘ADHD’ or even ‘Autistic’ which seems to be even more popular today


It is very clear that psychotropic drugs can have devastating effects on developing children.  These can be misunderstood as psychiatric problems and can cause violence and suicide.  The very problems that CAMHS are supposed to be helping!  You can be sure that all the children labelled by medics will end up on psychotropic, addictive, brain-damaging drugs. This is child abuse not care!

Some psychiatrists such as Peter Breggin, Fred Baughmann and Sami Timini have warned the public about the dangers of labelling and drugging our beautiful children but because most psychiatrists practise prescribing powerful drugs to treat perceived or real psychosocial problems our children are sadly harmed rather than helped.

There will be no change while this human tragedy continues to exist.  We need a revolution, not reform!



Mary Maddock, MindFreedom Ireland

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