“Have I not reason to lament, what man has made of man?”    William Wordsworth  (  We have much more reason to lament today.) 

“My way of joking is telling the truth.

It is the funniest joke in the world.”  George Bernard Shaw

“Neuroleptic drugs must be distinguished from other classes of psychiatric drugs.

Thus anti-depressive drugs, such as Prozac, and tranquillizing drugs, such as Valium, are entirely different kinds of drugs.

Neuroleptics are sometimes misleadingly, called antipsychotic drugs or major tranquilizers.

Only neuroleptic drugs have the effect of a LOBOTOMY.”  (Emphasis mine!)  Lars Martenssohn M.D.


Alaquet, Atrolak, Biquelle, Branco, Mintreleg, Seroquel, Tenprolide,

2nd generation

When prescription drugs can be called so many different names it makes them, much more difficult to understand.  It is interesting that among all the new-generation neuroleptics that people might know as Seroquel that out of all the atypicals mentioned here, it has so many different names.

Sadly the group called Mind does not have the heart to see that many can be brutally forced to receive neuroleptic drugs that can cause a lobotomy and other terrible torturous effects.

Is it any wonder that those who have been unfortunate to be lobotomised can be deprived of their humanity so easily?

Is it any wonder that doctors can cause so much harm to innocent people including children and the elderly in the blink of an eye? 

Is it any wonder that people labelled and oppressed by psychiatry can be described as the ‘living dead’ or the voiceless?

Is it any wonder that we have prisons described as ‘hospitals’ where human beings who have committed no crime are locked up/ drugged and electroshocked for their own’ good’? 

Is it any wonder that their jailors/psychiatrists/doctors/nurses can forcefully inject and torture innocent citizens while they believe they are just doing their job? 

Is it any wonder that we have deceitful, corrupt ‘mental health’ laws with the devil in the detail that deprived people labelled by psychiatry of their basic human/civil rights?

MindFreedom Ireland has been crying out for 20 years for freedom, equality, truth, understanding, justice and human/civil rights for all especially those who have been deliberately labelled with mythological ‘illnesses/disorders’, coerced, persecuted, drugged and electroshocked without informed consent.  Many are more than aware of their harmful effects and yet they are forced to take them incessantly.  Some would rather die than have patronizing professionals give them more medical-induced harm!  If we do not want your lobotomizing dangerous interventions we demand the right to say NO!

Is it not insane to force people to be voiceless while doctors can be delusional that they know best?  Thankfully there some doctors know their limitations.  They are often the ones who learn from experience and like many other professionals realize that many so-called ‘educational’ institutions can undermine experience and have people believe that a complex world is very simple.  It is heartening to witness some doctors finding the courage to speak out!   If you are one thank you!

Mary Maddock

There is no freedom without MindFreedom!

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