Many people who call themselves experts have the power and wealth to create the so-called ‘evidence’ they desire.  They are friends with other powerful, corrupt individuals and corporations while they refer to most other evidence as anecdotal.

‘When it comes to the powerful, deceitful psychiatric system which claims to be ‘scientific’’ and believes in myths, with the help of Big, Bossy,Bogus Pharma, who could believe their ‘evidence’ but then it seems most people do!!

In preparation for our MindFreedom Ireland 20th anniversary I came across some articles that were written by courageous journalists before my oldest granddaughter, lovely Lexie, was born 15 years ago.  However, because sadly our true evidence continued to be lost and distorted  our sincere voices were discarded by big, powerful voices like psychiatrist Patricia Casey who for many years got the chance to write and frequently present herself as an ‘expert’ while she very cleverly spread the lie of the chemical brain imbalance and that brain damaging electroshock as safe and effective. Tony Humphrys, a person who understood people labeled by psychiatry was fired.

I and many others who could challenge her were silenced as she could discount us so easily as only having anecdotal evidence.  She even said recently indirectly that we are her bread and butter.  She should have said we are the reason she is such a wealthy, powerful woman!  We would love to get the chance to challenge the college of psychiatry.  They have enormous power but it seems they are afraid of us!! We are courageous survivors of psychiatry. They are cowardly promoters of deceitful psychiatry.

Mary Maddock

There is plenty of evidence in the report I have in my hand but this report was completely ignored by those who could have stopped the tide of prescription drug harm. The report was published in 2007.

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