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  1. Delighted that this person survived those thorny pricks who blocked his/her path.
    I first encountered these bullies aged about 20 in the late 70s and, though not ever forced into captivity, I felt I had no other choice and voluntarily entered their realm, where my thoughts and opinions counted for nothing.
    I am free of them now, have been for quite a few years, having finally met a kind, considerate woman consultant, with none of the condescending arrogance of those I’d met before. Unlike them, she did NOT insist on a pharmaceutical cocktail. She actually listened, and validated a lot of what I said, then suggested I stick with one drug, which seemed to help me without any major side effects.
    Today I look forward, content that I’ve been able deal with what comes my way, and probably will for quite a few days yet. I choose to leave the dark days behind me, as I hope will the person who wrote this beautiful poem. Maybe someday we’ll chat.

    1. Thank you Tomas for sharing your story. We are very glad to hear that you discovered a kind woman who helped you. If you wouldn’t mind sharing her name it would be good if we could let other people know she exists.Sadly it is difficult to get people who are helpful. You will be glad to here the person who wrote this poem is leaving those days behind and is drug free now.

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