From the minute I found freedom from psychiatric control its toxic, mind-altering drugs and electroshock in the year 2000 I have put my heart and soul into everything.

I can feel the spirit in myself, all around me as I touch it surrounding me in the air I breathe, the water I drink or when it touches me while I swim, float or do creative movements in the sea and the pool. Because of the presence of a beautiful, loving Spirit, human beings cannot understand but can touch and feel I am free to be myself, be aware, and love with all my heart.  I and every living and non-living creation were conceived to be unique.  Human beings have the power to change the natural way often at great cost to ourselves, all forms of life, our planet and the entire Universe.

Is it any wonder then that since my personal liberation, I love with all my heart?

I love to listen, speak, write, compose, play music, enjoy life with others, understand those who are not as fortunate and help them to become free from the chains of coercive, deceptive, toxic psychiatry.

I love the most important part of me that I lost for many of the most precious years of my life.  When I got the chance to get it back,  I received it with all my heart and soul.  I am very grateful as a  vibrant, spirited, bubbly person for the beauty that surrounds me which I can experience as a loving, understanding, creative, human being.

Mary Maddock

Where there is music, there is love!

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