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Una Mary Quinilian is a long time supporter of MindFreedom. Her husband
Carlo passed on very shortly before she was arrested. She got in contact
with us and to quote her own words she let us know what happened to her.
“I was arrested outside Mullingar hospital for a full hour. It was that hot
Garda WH70; and WH33; both had to get out of the car to keep cool. I was
left in the car handcuffed……..many people were shocked at the
situation…… Nothing about this is easy … all I want is to get the doctor
employed to do the postmortem and the autopsy.
Dr Joy took over 24 hours to review me which was against the law and
The receiving nurses accepted me handcuffed onto this secure ward
without any notice, only a phone call 5 minutes before the squad car
contained a 67 year old woman handcuffed and injured to their ward.”
These are legal crimes carried out by our police state in the island of
Ireland. When people are at their most vulnerable they can find
themselves in similar situations.
MindFreedom Ireland get many calls from people in distress as they are
even more upset by the system that feigns to help them.
Because ‘mental health’ laws aid this kind of cruel behaviour Ireland is far
from a land of freedom and respect for human dignity.
If you care for our humanity you will want to know about how so many
people can be victims of psychiatric abuse and do something to stop
medical abuse in your part of the world.
Mary Maddock, Co -founder MindFreedom Ireland


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