It was early in 2003 when II first got to know Celia when I joined MindFreedom International  soon after I successfully detoxed from psychotropic drugs,  WIth the aid of technology, it was such an eye-opener and a heart-warmer to meet like-minded people. It was much more authentic because this was before I knew about big forums like FaceBook etc. that over the years have become very deceptive. Many of the members who are still alive and active today educated me and other new members.

At first, because of all the damage, I had received for most of the 3 decades beforehand  I was a piece of psychiatric flotsam a phrase Jim used in our book ‘Soul Survivor’.  Even reading was difficult but trying to write was a nightmare. As time went by, I began to read everything I could and write more.  I shared all the good links I discovered and at that time Nuria O Mahony who had lost her husband because of the effects of prescription drugs was an active campaigner and much better at using the internet.  She was a nurse and had three young children.  The youngest was just 9 months,  We met at a conference critical of Big Pharma organised by Oral O Donavan and Kathy Glavinis-Grantham two courageous Cork university lecturers.  It was because we worked well together that Nuria finally got a little attention from the Irish government.  In 2007 a report on the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals was published but unfortunately, all critical documents are left on the shelves never to be discussed. 

In 2008, inspired by Nuria, a book called ‘Power, Politics and Pharmaceuticals’ was published and edited by Orla and Kathy.  It was clear then and is much clearer now that the rise of prescription drugs continues to rise every second of every year while alternatives to toxic, synthetic drugs are suppressed.

In 2003 MindFreedom Ireland was born.   MindFreedom International shared our news.  Again in 2007 to mark many years of freedom I celebrated my 60 birthday with about 100 friends. If they wanted to give me a gift they gave me a contribution to create a MindFreedom Ireland website. Very soon after then our website was up and running. We will be 20 years strong in a few weeks.  Over the years I became a board member of and worked closely with Celia.  For me, she was such a steadfast campaigner was because she respected and worked with other oppressed people.  She knew about deceptive, oppressive psychiatry from bitter experience, did everything humanely possible to connect with and support others and always keep her feet firmly on the ground,  Thank you very much, Celia, for leading the way!  You were the change we want to see in the world.
“The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.” M.L. King

Mary Maddock

Members of MIndFreedom International with Celia Brown and Jim Maddock, MindFreedom Ireland

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