Time is the real biggie of this all. And I’m going to skirt that; I’m going to talk about it, I’m going to explain what I know, but I have to skirt it. Because asking anybody to explain time is like asking the fish that is swimming in water, and only knows the water, never has been out of water, never been hooked by a fisherman or something like that, to explain water, to know that it’s in water. It doesn’t know that, because that’s been its total environment. We’re like fish in water when it comes to being in time. Time is really in a sense our essential nature, and to recognize ourselves is to identify with what we call time.”

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  1. Hi Mary, To me time and space are inseparably one as everything has its time and its place. Our memory and our ability to think are very much linking in with the concept of time. Our thinking will make no sense when we apply another follow order than time. I have been mesmerized by this a long time and drew the conclusion that time is in the making when we are doing stuff and because we are thinking chronologically our deeds follow naturally a curve through time and space. Therefore I feel that time and space occur when we actually start thinking about it. Obviously, when we are not thinking there is no conceptualization of our deeds. This happens for instance when we are asleep. Time is absent when we are asleep and dreams appear as vivid experiences that follow up on one another without making sense. Time and space are a natural progression from our ability to think. This is one of the markers that signifies the unity of our intellect and the observable world out there. Space-time is part of our essential nature. Mass-energy too, by the way. Regards, Jeroen

    1. Thank you, Jeroen! You are definitely a thinker who continues to reflect on very impostant concepts about ourselves and all living things who live in time and space. You have a very warm heart also. We are glad you discovered MindFreedom Ireland/International and are working with us as hopefully, we enlighten ourselves, others, our planet and the entire Universe!

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