“Another criticism involves the fact that courts frequently commit those acquitted of a crime to a mental institution. These institutions may have conditions as bad as, or worse than, a prison. Also, those held in mental institutions generally do not know if or when the institution will release them. According to Dr. Charles Patrick Ewing, author of “Insanity: Murder, Madness, and the Law,” most convicted people sent to mental institutions will spend more time in a mental institution than they would have if the court sentenced them to prison.”


As there is no scientific biomarker to prove that anyone has a mental disorder then it has not been established that there are any mental disorders. Therefore there can be no insanity defense for people labelled by psychiatry.

Most people who are under the influence of brain-damaging drugs may perform completely contrary and subconsciously violent actions. Many psychiatric drugs can cause violence yet this is not taken into consideration by most lawyers and psychiatrists.

It is an outrageous act of violence to incarcerate innocent people who have committed no crime. It is criminal to attack and force toxic, addictive, brain/body-damaging drugs on powerless people many of whom have already received discrimination and struggle to provide their basic needs.

Is it any wonder that people who have been medically raped, persecuted and imprisoned in psychiatric institutions are fearful! To make matters worse, they are then labelled ‘paranoid’!

Mary Maddock

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