“Any mood-altering drug which stimulates the nervous system, which gives people the energy buzz and/or numbs painful feelings, has the potential to be addictive.”  Terry Lynch M.D., Beyond Prozac ( first edition written in 2001)


After the publication of Beyond Prozac I got to know Terry Lynch very well.  I read his book soon after it was published.  I was free from psychotropic drugs.  Even though I was drug free after the year 2000 and was able to understand again, I had so much to learn to appreciate how easy it is for so many people to believe what they are told by the great majority of psychiatrists and doctors.  That was so long ago and thankfully I have woken up but most people are still spell bound by clever deception from those who benefit from their Big Bogus, Bullshit.

For me Beyond Prozac is even more important now than it ever was as many books written on this subject can be difficult to read.  Then sadly because the lies that I and my family were told denied us the truth about psychiatry and its bio weapons I was deprived of my humanity.  Then happily because we found out the truth I got a chance to live again to pass on the truth to others.

It was when I joined MindFreedom International that I met many survivors of psychiatry for the first time. I felt I was part of a community of very understanding friends. Globally, I am still part of this amazing legacy created by so many others before me and keep me inspired to keep on campaigning today. We have many sisters and brothers who are persecuted by the conspiracy of goodwill which is the devil in disguise. He still roams in our midst. Many human rights are still denied to those labeled, drugged/electroshocked by psychiatry. Worse still all this is legal abuse.


Mary Maddock,

Survivor of psychiatry,human/civil/social rights,co-founder of MindFreedom Ireland, co-author of Soul Survivor – A Personal Encounter With Psychiatry’ and musician.

Open letter to ‘mental health’ professionals Linda Hart ( Beyond Prozac)

” As clients, we beg you to put an end to our pain, and I think faced with the misery and torment that you can’t bear, you reach for a quick and easy solution. But you are complicit in a fraud that gives no one a real chance. Maybe you should look into yourself and discover things about helplessness and why in the first place you trained to be psychiatrists or, as it should be, ‘healers of the soul’.

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