There are people who want Power,

Maybe it is to ease the pain,

They look at other to instil Fear, 

They separate to generate Hate,

They have lost the ability to truly Love,

They strike a pose to cherish Self

They know not that to honour Self.

Is the root of personal Power

And opens the heart to real Love

That helps to ease others’ Pain,

That soothes the wounds caused by Hate

And calms the timid of their Fear.

The Earth is filled with people that Fear

To truly get to know the Self

To look within stirs up their Hate,

And evaporates their worldly Power,

To look within brings too much Pain

And for themselves, they have no Love.

Ah, but there are those who truly Love,

Who reside in a palace of no Fear,

Whose motivation is to ease the Pain

And have no need to cherish Self.

They are the ones with real true Power

And inspire the weeding of all Hate. 


If only I could have no Hate 

And really fill my heart with Love

I would have no need for worldly Power

And diminish well all my Fear

I could care for others as my Self

And transform to Joy all my Pain.

To all of you who are in Pain,

Unyoke it from the will to Hate,

And let not the thorns wound the Self,

Unyoke it from the will to Hate,

And let not the thorns wound the Self,

Reside in Joy, reside in Love,

Have no anger, have no Fear,

Love is the greatest source of Power.

As we journey forth through future time,

Take time always to reside in Love.

Lobsang Chozom

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