MindFreedom Ireland celebrates their 20th Anniversary

The excitement of meeting up with your peers on an ordinary Sunday afternoon is something we should do more. However, meeting each other for the benefit of our brothers and sisters who do not have a voice yet and doing this on the 20th anniversary of MindFreedom Ireland is exceptional. Some were prepared to travel great distances all the way even from Co. Waterford or with public transport from Co. Leitrim. We all arrived approximately at the same time for setting up just before two o’clock on that memorable sunny day, Sunday, May 28th. Our protest location at the GPO in Dublin was already buzzing with pedestrians.

We had our protest well prepared in advance through the active participation of our peers and other remarkable persons in Zoom meetings. We organised 6 placards with slogans that stick to the mind and a banner stating ‘MindFreedom Ireland’. We had written and designed our own leaflet for the purpose of better informing the public and on the day, we had ECT information sheets available for those passers-by who wish to be informed in more detail.     

Throughout the protest, we drew attention and raised awareness for our most pressing issues such as barbaric inhumane electro-shocking, forced drugging with life-debilitating adverse effects and of course, the discriminatory Mental Health Act that enables psychiatrists to continue their torturous practises. Having that said, I feel that protesting has a beneficial effect on our togetherness while some clearly feel alleviated from being able to open their heart with all their might. I hope we will meet up more often like this but I do understand that we must make steps towards increased self-organisation to make that happen. 

Jeroen Holtkamp,

MindFreedom Ireland

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