16, Manor Close, Thornbury Hgts.,


Cork. 21st July, 2021.

HE M.D. Higgins,

President of Ireland,

Aras an Uachtarain,

Dublin D08E1W3

Dear Mr. President,

Given your long-standing record as a defender of human rights all over the world and as a spokesperson on behalf of downtrodden people, we are writing to you now to request you maintain that honorable record and to use your Presidential powers to refer the very rushed proposed government legislation in relation to vaccine passports for examination by The Council of State. These passports convey attendant privileges on those who possess them but more importantly, impose blatant discrimination on those citizens who, given their rights to bodily integrity and autonomy and for diverse other reasons, have chosen not to be vaccinated.

MindFreedom is not anti-vaccination. The issue here is one of the basic human rights. The proposed legislation carries very dangerous implications for our oft-quoted claim to cherish all of the citizens of our Republic equally.

MindFreedom Ireland has a long record of campaigning for equal human rights for all and particularly for those individuals in the psychiatric system who find their rights routinely violated in relation to the issue of forced treatment.

Remembering that ubiquitous government slogan ‘We are all in this together, we trust you will perform your Presidential duty.

Yours sincerely,

Jim & Mary Maddock,

MindFreedom Ireland,


Phone: 021 4894303

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