“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.” C.S. Lewis

MindFreedom Ireland Alert

When I first got to know Helena King, one of the first members of MindFreedom Ireland, she shared this quotation with me many times. She was forcefully taken from her home and drugged/electroshocked by arrogant people who thought they knew best!

They did not help her. After years of psychiatric abuse at 63, she seemed to take her life. I knew her very well. Over the decades I spent lots of time with Helena. I knew that the authorities forgot to give her a Risperdal depot shortly before she passed on.

Many psychotropic drugs have severe withdrawal effects. Having spent decades of research on drug withdrawal it is clear to me, knowing what happened to my good friend Helena, that she died because of the adverse effects of drugs.

For more than a century, Iatrogenic harm from prescription drugs has grown so much that in honour of Helena and all those harmed by medics, we should call tomorrow the 10th of October ” Free From Medical Harm Day”

Tomorrow, another active member of MindFreedom Ireland will have a so-called ‘mental health’ tribunal at 10. a.m. Because the medical model is the very dominant model used in psychiatry it is impossible to find justice. Those with a vested interest in the dominant medical field have the power to violently force people with powerful toxic, debilitating, brain/bodily damaging drugs.

The state, law and the Guards help psychiatrists act as police and violate many who do not consent. Others surrender before these fake tribunals because they feel it might be better to do so. Then this is accepted as “voluntary” consent!!!

We ask all those who believe in freedom to support people who want to have the choice to determine their own lives!

Mary Maddock

This picture was taken Carrig Mor’s locked unit where Helena was incarcerated many years before her death.

She campaigned to end forced ‘treatment’. Risperdal was the last of the many drugs she received with force. May she rest in peace!

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