Letter from a survivor of psychiatry

“The DSM is a document perjurious to the human race and potentially libellous.

I wonder if any lawyer will take a case against the DSM.  The authors of the Diagnostic Statistical Manuscript must have some kind of mind order set themselves to need to classify people this way in the first place.  It started when they got the idea from botanists classifying plants I believe, but plants are a different matter!

Jean Vanier( who met the psychotherapist Fred Blum) Canadian L’Arche movement said 

“ There are integrated psychotics people in our society in whom the barriers around their vulnerability are so strong that they are unable to listen to other people.” Does this describe the APA and their DSM?   (Shared with me in a letter by a survivor of psychiatry on January 9th, 2007)

“ Define or be defined.”  Thomas Szasz. (Psychiatrist who called ‘mental illness’ a myth.) For example, we define fathers as parents of children but when priests are called fathers they are not real fathers.  Children believe in Father Christmas but everyone knows he is not real. Sadly because of the power of psychiatric propaganda many of the public still believe that ‘mental illness’ exists. Mary Maddock

In the same letter, this was written:

Thanks to you and your friends the issue is now in the public domain.

I am also following the debate on the website, thanks regarding New York Eli Lilly MindFreedom Zyprexa hearing with interest on 16 January. Strange day after day after Martin Luther King Jr’s anniversary!  

“The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.” M.L. King      

A big thank you to everyone who has shared valuable information with us over the years!

Mary Maddock

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