A little Help From Our Friends

 I remember the day well when I met Karen Mc Carthy for the first time.  Dylan Tighe was in Cork working on his project called Record.  He asked a group from MindFreedom Ireland to speak with him about our personal experiences as survivors of psychiatry.  Karen was in the audience.  She felt on the same […]

Important letter from Helena, Co founder of MindFreedom Ireland.

Our Lady’s Hospital, Shanakiel, Cork  2004 – 2nd March Dear Vincent, I wrote you a letter from here a couple of years ago while incarcerated from 20-10-2001 A.D.  You then read my letter on the radio and published it in ‘The Irish Times’ for which we -Cork Advocacy Network, MindFreedom Ireland et al are grateful. […]


Letter from a survivor of psychiatry “The DSM is a document perjurious to the human race and potentially libellous. I wonder if any lawyer will take a case against the DSM.  The authors of the Diagnostic Statistical Manuscript must have some kind of mind order set themselves to need to classify people this way in […]

The Truth Will Set Us Free

“Any mood-altering drug which stimulates the nervous system, which gives people the energy buzz and/or numbs painful feelings, has the potential to be addictive.”  Terry Lynch M.D., Beyond Prozac ( first edition written in 2001) https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/a-looming-anti-depressants-crisis After the publication of Beyond Prozac I got to know Terry Lynch very well.  I read his book soon […]


An informal event to mark the 20th anniversary of the foundation of MindFreedom Ireland will take place at 2pm on Sunday May 28th, 2023 in Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork. MindFreedom Ireland is an affiliate of MindFreedom International and campaigns for human rights and is opposed to all forced practices for people experiencing emotional distress, particularly electroshock. […]


https://www.wettropics.gov.au/rainforest_explorer/Resources/Documents/8to9/TypesOfEvidence.pdf Many people who call themselves experts have the power and wealth to create the so-called ‘evidence’ they desire.  They are friends with other powerful, corrupt individuals and corporations while they refer to most other evidence as anecdotal. ‘When it comes to the powerful, deceitful psychiatric system which claims to be ‘scientific’’ and believes in […]

Easter Sunday Morning 2023

It would be very lifegiving if all those who respect the human brain as the richest, most complex organ ever created might be in solidarity with those who have had their brains assaulted and battered by medics. To do this in a deceptive way is even more traumatic. Cellular brain damage can cause a lobotomy […]