May 3rd, 2022.

Having had to cancel our annual public protest against the practice of electroshock for the past two years, we are glad to announce its resumption next Saturday at The Peace Park, Grand Parade, Cork starting at 2 pm.


Electroshock involves passing an electric current through the brain sufficient to deliberately induce a grand-mal seizure.


Despite the use of a general anaesthetic and muscle relaxants, opponents say it is traumatic, inhuman and outdated, causing brain damage, confusion and permanent memory loss, leaving them feeling somehow incomplete. Any claimed improvement they say is only temporary and usually requires even further regular maintenance shocks.  They also say it is given to twice as many women as men, many of them elderly and is frequently given without fully informed consent.


While some psychiatrists defend its use as a last resort, others refuse to ever use it at all.  Two European countries, Luxembourg and Slovenia, exercise a total ban.


The most recent figures from The Mental Health Commission show that 239 people were electroshocked in Ireland in 2020.  Seventy per cent received one programme (which can be anything up to 12 individual shock treatments), 22% two programmes and 8% three or more programmes.


The Mental Health Act 2001 still allows it to be administered on the say-so of two psychiatrists and an Advanced Directive by a person saying they do not want it can be legally overturned.


The 2020 figures show that 19% were given without consent.


Generally, ages ranged from 25 to 83 and, as is the case every year, twice as many women than men were recipients.


There were 14 approved centres in Ireland in 2020 with St Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin administering the highest number of programmes at 159.


MindFreedom Ireland is a Cork-based psychiatric survivor group which campaigns for human rights and is opposed to any forced practices be they electroshock or forced drugging.




Jim Maddock,

086 0624445.

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Website; mindfreedomireland.com




16, Manor Close,

Thornbury Hgts.,



21st July, 2021.

HE M.D. Higgins,

President of Ireland,

Aras an Uachtarain,

Dublin D08E1W3

Dear Mr President,


Given your long-standing record as a defender of human rights all over the world and as a spokesperson on behalf of downtrodden people, we are writing to you now to request you to maintain that honourable record and to use your Presidential powers to refer the very rushed proposed government legislation in relation to vaccine passports for examination by The Council of State.  These passports convey attendant privileges on those who possess them but more importantly, impose blatant discrimination on those citizens who, given their rights to bodily integrity and autonomy and for diverse other reasons, have chosen not to be vaccinated.


MindFreedom is not anti-vaccination.  The issue here is one of basic human rights.  The proposed legislation carries very dangerous implications for our oft-quoted claim to cherish all of the citizens of our Republic equally.


MindFreedom Ireland has a long record of campaigning for equal human rights for all and particularly for those individuals in the psychiatric system who find their rights routinely violated in relation to the issue of forced treatment.


Remembering that ubiquitous government slogan ‘We are all in this together, we trust you will perform your Presidential duty.


Yours sincerely,

Jim & Mary Maddock,

MindFeedom Ireland,


Phone: 021 4894303


Website: mindfreedomireland.com


A new addition to the present website in action by Lexie Hurley and Mary Maddock


Christmas time is a special time to stay connected!                               


Friends of MindFreedom Ireland can meet outside the Rochestown Inn in small groups from 2 to 4 on Saturday, December 12th, hopefully.  We also can connect online with those who cannot be present.   Happy, Peaceful Christmas!


Lots of love,


MindFreedom Ireland


Jigsaw Lockdown 2020
Reflections of a proud madwoman/MindFreedom
When I was a young child I loved to do jigsaws. Living in the west of Ireland in a small rural village, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to make some jigsaws with my family.
Many years later after I got married and moved to Cork, I continued to do some jigsaws in my spare time. I was new to the community with time on my hands.
A jigsaw can be a great challenge to create a lovely picture. It can be simple or difficult but it always demands your full attention. You can do it alone or with other people. It is always a thrill when you find a missing piece!
After my encounter with psychiatry, I remembered my past love of jigsaws. None was provided by the establishment so Jim, my husband, made sure I had one to keep me occupied. But this time I was no longer able to put the pieces together. I did not know why and was very frustrated because I was now also separated from most of the things I loved to do. As I now know, it was the damaging effects of electroshock and drugs that deprived me of my humanity, my cognitive ability and left me a piece of psychiatry flotsam. They had successfully caused a chemical lobotomy that left me unable to do even a simple jigsaw puzzle. In fact, a male psychiatric nurse spent all his time doing the jigsaw then! The system is so cruel that it makes it difficult for service providers such as that nurse to work with coerced ‘inmates’ because of the damaging interventions it continues to use.
My life itself was a master jigsaw puzzle that I did not understand for so many long years. The reason for this was that it was so easy to confuse the propaganda of so-called ‘mental illness’ with the real effects of drugs and electroshock. Also, there was no way to find out as most of the literature was in favour of psychotropic drugs, electroshock, fake illnesses and coercion. On my side of the Atlantic I never even heard of survivors of psychiatry!
For most of the time from 1978 until 2000, my mind was coerced. I did not know MindFreedom. For other times in my life, I did not have physical freedom, for example when I was in a boarding school for 5 years and in an enclosed nunnery. However, when I was physically coerced then, I always had MindFreedom and loved to use the beautiful mind I so gladly received.
Now today November 3rd, because of Covid 19 I am physically restrained once again but thankfully with a free mind, I am able to continue to be myself and continue to develop and thrive.
Soon after the arrival of my first beautiful granddaughter, Lexie I have regained my love of making jigsaws. Since she was first able to put some pieces together we have spent some lovely moments both in England and Ireland. Soon afterwards Annalise and Harry arrived and they also have played their parts. Now even a little friend called Ava who also loves to play gave me more jigsaws for the lockdown.
I have completed 4 jigsaws. The first had 3,000 pieces. The second had 500. The 3rd and 4th had 1,000 each with a litter help from my friends!
Without freedom we are nothing. We are born free!
" There are real indignities and real problems when all facets of life are controlled - when to get up, to eat, to shower - and chemicals are put inside our bodies against our will." Judi Chamberlin
Mary Maddock


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