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Soul Survivor A Personal Encounter With Psychiatry

by Mary & Jim Maddock
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Latest Articles

Freedom and Justice

As I write this one of our members has been forcefully injected with a powerful, atypical, dangerous, neuroleptic and feels blackmailed into taking it in

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Thank You

We are very grateful to all the people who sent us very encouraging responses to many of our articles since our new website was created

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We are human beings who express ourselves in different ways! It is a crime against humanity that it is legal to imprison, drug /electroshock us

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Dublin Electroshock Protest

MindFreedom Ireland celebrates their 20th Anniversary The excitement of meeting up with your peers on an ordinary Sunday afternoon is something we should do more.

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Quantum Physics

“Time is the real biggie of this all. And I’m going to skirt that; I’m going to talk about it, I’m going to explain what

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Survivors Speak Out

FITZGERALD’S PARK, CORK. 28th MAY, 2023. Blessed with beautiful weather, our event took place in the green and natural surroundings of Fitzgerald’s Park on Sunday

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