Soul Survivor A Personal Encounter With Psychiatry

by Mary & Jim Maddock
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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Today on 10/10/2020, 20 years free from poisonous, prescription synthetic chemicals, I am MadProud to know the truth about coercive, oppressive, fraudulent,

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A pseudo-scientific, outdated and brain-damaging procedure. Every May for the past 13 years, MindFreedom Ireland has held a public protest in Cork in opposition to

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Psychiatric Tyranny

In honor of our friend who is attending a ‘mental health tribunal now! Leo, it has come to our attention that Derry Mescal, a fellow

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THE ZYPREXA PAPERS Since Jim Gottstein and I were both members of MindFreedom International and I had also joined Psychrights, I knew him even before

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