Human/Civil Rights

The psychiatric prison imprisons people without committing a crime and excuses people who might have committed a crime. The court has the power to convict people who have committed a crime to be incarcerated in prison. Forced drugging is legal in the psychiatric system both inside and outside psychiatric institutions. Some countries do not allow […]

Speak out against psychiatric Abuse

“[Psychiatry] is the only profession that can as a matter of course utterlytake away the freedom of people who have committed no crime.”


This year MindFreedom Ireland celebrates 20 years in existence.  To mark this historic milestone, we are planning to hold an event in Fitzgerald Park, Cork on Sunday, May 28th starting at 2 pm.  As we usually hold our annual electroshock protest in May, this year we will combine it with our anniversary event, which will […]

Children’s Peace of Mind  Do we really care?

“That’s not to say that we don’t need a focus on youth mental health. As this week’s shocking – though not surprising, Mental Health Commission report into CAMHS has shown, reform in how we treat young people in crisis is urgently required.  It’s the type of focus and supports that we must be vigilant about.” […]

The Power Imbalance

Jim wrote this article in 2017 but sadly the power imbalance continues more than ever today in February 2023. How can survivors of psychiatry and their allies become strong enough to turn the wheel so that the public at least knows the real truth about coercive, deceptive psychiatry? If we are not happy with the […]

Voices For Choices

Institutional psychiatry is coercive and deceptive. Rape is violence. Coercive drugging is violence. Drugging people without informed consent is deceptive. As a result, many people find themselves addicted to drugs they would never choose if they were informed. This is a crime against humanity.

Message to Survivors of Psychiatry

To survivors of psychiatry: If we refuse to be labelled as ‘sick’ and are proud to be who we are then it will be our movement that will lead the world away from medicalizing every aspect of our human lives! This was written on 12/05/16 before the story about Covid 19. Now on 19/01/2023 what […]


As another year draws to a close, we are happy to report on the continued activities of MindFreedom Ireland.  In 2023 we begin to count down the second decade of our existence. One of our core principles has always been Mutual Support under our banner of Stand by Me.  Though no longer meeting in Costa’s […]

My Tribute to Courageous Celia Brown

It was early in 2003 when II first got to know Celia when I joined MindFreedom International  soon after I successfully detoxed from psychotropic drugs,  WIth the aid of technology, it was such an eye-opener and a heart-warmer to meet like-minded people. It was much more authentic because this was before I knew about […]