MindFreedom Ireland Alert

Important information Una Mary Quinilian is a long time supporter of MindFreedom. Her husbandCarlo passed on very shortly before she was arrested. She got in contactwith us and to quote her own words she let us know what happened to her.“I was arrested outside Mullingar hospital for a full hour. It was that hotGarda WH70; […]

Thank You

Thank you all very much for your valuable appreciation since we have changed our website. We are delighted with your comments, encouragement and support. Together we can be the change we want to see in this world. Mary Maddock www.mindfreedomireland.com

Freedom and Justice

As I write this one of our members has been forcefully injected with a powerful, atypical, dangerous, neuroleptic and feels blackmailed into taking it in tablet form. https://www.jstor.org/stable/43854101 When people have a strong religious faith they can be perceived as having so-called ‘ mental health’ problems. When they want to live their lives contrary to […]

Thank You

We are very grateful to all the people who sent us very encouraging responses to many of our articles since our new website was created with the help of Tim Hurley. ” The salvation of the world lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted” Martin L. King “Never doubt that a small group of […]


We are human beings who express ourselves in different ways! It is a crime against humanity that it is legal to imprison, drug /electroshock us without committing any crime! Mary Maddock

Dublin Electroshock Protest

MindFreedom Ireland celebrates their 20th Anniversary The excitement of meeting up with your peers on an ordinary Sunday afternoon is something we should do more. However, meeting each other for the benefit of our brothers and sisters who do not have a voice yet and doing this on the 20th anniversary of MindFreedom Ireland is […]

Quantum Physics

“Time is the real biggie of this all. And I’m going to skirt that; I’m going to talk about it, I’m going to explain what I know, but I have to skirt it. Because asking anybody to explain time is like asking the fish that is swimming in water, and only knows the water, never […]

Survivors Speak Out

FITZGERALD’S PARK, CORK. 28th MAY, 2023. Blessed with beautiful weather, our event took place in the green and natural surroundings of Fitzgerald’s Park on Sunday afternoon. Our theme song ‘Standby Me’ and many other ‘Freedom’ songs provided an initial background atmosphere before the event commenced with a live performance by The Nonis Choir who received […]


LOCATION IN FITZGERALD’S PARK We will NOT be located at the main stage by the museum. Rather you will find us at the Mardyke Arena end of the park.  Enter through the gate at that end from the Mardyke road and immediately turn right. We will be located in that corner, on the opposite side […]